Complete these 2 questions

Complete these 2 questions

1. What is meant by “engage and persist?” How does it affect your students and teaching?

2. Page 53 covers some ways that you can encourage and train your students to meet deadlines and follow through on assignments. Considering the Drawing I course that we are developing as a class,

Engage and Persist – is perhaps the most difficult Habit of mind to instill in your students. Engagement is what makes someone want to persist. Personal engagement means that one gets pleasure out to the work itself, rather than simply working at something for some future goal. “Autotelic” (Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, 1990) calls this experience — experience that is self-rewarding and leads to states of flow- when one is truly engaged, lost in concentration, unaware of time, and fully focused on the moment.

In Chapter 6, the authors gave 2 examples of developing “passion and interest.” In the Clay Tile Project, studio art teacher Jason Green developed 5 ways to encourage students to meet deadlines. In a puppet making project, in order to promote engagement, Kathleen Marsh uses 3 “encouragements” to both individuals and the whole class.

Respond to this Question: Considering the unit in Drawing I that you are designing – what problems could you foresee your students experience in any of your particular lessons? How could you encourage them to “Engage and Persist?

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