Complaint/Help Request Correspondence


You are the manager-owner of a small company (All Ages: A Board Game Company) that does not have its own IT department. You have been having problems with the printers for some time now. You had thought that purchasing two Brother TN-720 printers was the way to go, but now you have the urge to take a baseball bat to them. Your IT contractor, T3CH, has heretofore provided reliable support and the employees are always prompt, friendly, and patient. But this printer problem has been addressed three times now and it is still happening. The fix only seems to last a day. This is turning into a more expensive problem than you can afford and you would like some more information from your IT contractor about if a more permanent fix is possible. You are really sick of having to print by manually transferring the documents from your computer, to your printer, via a USB drive.

On top of ALL of the above, you can only request help from your IT contractor through a web form that does not allow you to offer specifics about a problem because you can only select an issue via a drop-down menu with preset issues, which is why you are being forced to compose a letter. You are getting really fed up with technology at the moment.

In addition to the above, you have the following information:
A sympathetic and prompt employee, Sarah, has been to fix the issue on August 20 and 25. A sympathetic and prompt, but rushed, employee, Jamal, has been to fix the issue most recently on September 5. Both Sarah and Jamal’s fixes worked for about 24 hours before the printing problems started up again. You had hoped to ask Sarah on her third visit to explain the issue to you in more depth, but Jamal, not Sarah, was sent and he was not aware of the previous two visits by Sarah.

When the printer stops working you get the following message: “Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network.”

Content: Write a letter to the head of your IT contractor, Jessica Khurigan, asking her look into your printing problems and provide a written response to your letter. Furthermore, you would also like her to address the limitations of her company’s web form. Think of a reasonable suggestion to make that would improve communication between the IT contractor and its customers.


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