competitive forces

competitive forces

The particular assignment will be based on a case study provided that will be posted on BB on the end of the first semester – 3rd week of December 2013. You will have an extensive case study about company X. Until the case is revealed that is the name of the company. It is going to be a contemporary leading company (such as Apple or Zara in the previous years) in its industry.

Report Briefing (4000 words +/- 10%)

You are going to be a Senior Analyst in the related of the X’s industry. You have been asked to do an independent strategic review report for the CEO. You have been given an initial dossier containing the case study mentioned above and related info. You are encouraged to do further secondary research to support your case analysis. The CEO will ask you to cover the following in the analytical report:

1. Provide an in-depth analysis of the competitive forces and strategic elements of the external environment shaping the X’s industry.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 900 words excluding use of supplementary appendices
• You should use any relevant strategic models to complete your analysis including macro-frameworks, Porter’s 5 forces and Industry (ILC) theory. Please avoid listing and descriptive content. It must contain structured critical evaluation.

2. Undertake an internal strategic analysis of X company using appropriate organisational & strategic models to complete your critical assessment.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 1,100 words excluding use of supplementary appendices.
• Your strategic analysis should concentrate on the internal aspects of X as an organisation. This can include financial & resource appraisal and value chain linkages and other relevant learning gained from lectures & seminars on BKEY601.
• Aspire to being critical. Do not outline any theories in an explicit fashion. Simply apply them to the context of the case.

3. The CEO is concerned about various PR crises that have impacted X since 2008. Therefore, you are required to identify the external stakeholder issues that X faces and critically assess their impact on the corporate reputation and brand equity of X.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 700 words excluding use of supplementary appendices
• This requires the critical application of organisational ethics theory, CSR concepts, stakeholder applications & reputation management concepts/metrics.

4. Based on sections 1-3, you are required to summarise the strategic options (strategies) that are appropriate to X and make definitive recommendations for X to sustain its future position in the its industry.
Advisory notes:
• Approximately 1,300 words. No supplementary appendices should be used in this section. It is not appropriate.
• This requires the application of the strategic options approach based on one of the lectures & seminars. It is very advisable to continue attend lectures that follow after the publication of this document.

Report structure requirements:
1) The title page should contain the following information:
• University of Westminster, Westminster Business School;
• Student name;
• Student ID number;
• Module title: Strategic Perspectives;
• Module code: BKEY601;
• Date;
• Both seminar leaders names;
• Title of the report;
• Word count.
2) Make sure you have a Table of Contents. Microsoft Word can create a Table of Contents automatically.
3) Make sure that your headings are numbered hierarchically.
4) Make sure that you have an appropriate number of headings and subheadings. I.e. make sure that the text inside different sections does not read like essay.
5) Consider carefully the structure of the paragraphs. What is the purpose of the first (introductory) sentence if each paragraph? How long is your paragraph and why? What is the purpose of the last sentence of each paragraph? Make sure that you paragraphs are not too long.
6) Please try to avoid very long sentences. If you can please break the sentences up.
7) Your Executive Summary should contain a short but full summary of the report. In other words, you need to clearly state the purpose of the report, the structure of the report, the summary of the findings and the main conclusions. Executive summaries (ES) are usually between 300 and 500 words. Please look at any academic article if you are in doubt how to write an ES.
8) Your Introduction should include the purpose and the structure of the report. The Introduction should follow the Executive Summary, not other way around.
9) The word count does not include the title page, the table of contents, the Executive Summary, the Reference list at the end of the report, the appendices.
10) The appendices should be at the very end of the report, i.e. they should follow the Reference list.


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