Compassion Fatigue Due to Double Duty Care Giving

Compassion Fatigue Due to Double Duty Care Giving

Order Description

I. Section One: Overview of the Evidence-Based Project
• Introduction
• Problem statement
• Purpose statement and Project objectives: The purpose of the Project, including the specific measurable objectives to be achieved, needs to be described.
• Significance/Relevance to practice
• Project question(s)
• Evidence-based significance of the Project
• Implications for social change in practice
• Definitions of terms
• Assumptions and limitations
• Summary

II. Section Two: Review of Scholarly Evidence
• Specific literature
• General literature
• Conceptual models, theoretical frameworks, etc.

III. Section Three: Approach
• Project design/methods
• Population and sampling
• Data collection (instrument and protection of human subjects)
• Data analysis (reliability, validity, and analytical techniques to answer Project questions)
• Project evaluation plan
• Summary

IV. References

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