*Compare the text ''Sonny's Blues'' with the Jazz scene on Late 40's, early 50's in NY.

*Write a 750 words (minimum)
*Compare the text ”Sonny’s Blues” with the Jazz scene on Late 40’s, early 50’s in NY.
*Essay with in-text citations.
*At least two sources from a reliable website (online libraries exL .edu .org and .gov ending)

Iazz and “Sonny’s Blues,” Look up what was going on in the world of jag
the late 4os and early 50_«:- 11:; ‘sfork, and/or look up something abouttl
two artists Sonny IT1€i‘ii;i«‘…:<‘ :s: i.i.;~ story [Louis Armstrong, whom Sonny
dismisses, and “Bird,” W}.‘r;= I – : f:*1~.‘:=n say likes). Why is jazz exciting to Sonny
frightening to the narrator! What can you learn about Sonny’s aesthetic, a
how does this aesthetic affect the way he sees the world and behaves, his-gf

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