Compare or Contrast Alexander Pope's Essay on Man to Milton's Paradise Lost

Compare or Contrast Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man to Milton’s Paradise Lost

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compare OR contrast Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man to John Milton’s Paradise Lost, whichever you find most interesting.

The format for comparison or contrast essay:
The body paragraphs are point by point format.  If you look at the graph, the x and y are the two stories or the story and today.  The topic of the paragraph is one point of comparison or contrast.  The A part is an explanation of the x with an example from the story.  The B part is an explanation of the y with an example from the story or from today.  If you compare a story to today, you are to do no research, but use examples that are common knowledge for people today.
The conclusion paragraph is similar to the explanation essay.

The comparison/contrast essay graph shows the complete essay, a body paragraph, and the outline format.  When people sue the comparison/contrast outline format, they state points for the x and then see if those points are similar to the y.   For example, if you were to compare Beowulf to today, the work of literature would be x and today would be y.  The two points of comparison would be the need for fame (I) and focus on sacrifice (II).  The first body paragraph would have the topic of the need for fame in the work and today.  A would be an explanation of the need for fame in the work with 1 quote from the work and an explanation of how that quote proves your point.  The B part would be about the need for fame today and how it is similar to young Beowulf.  The example would be a general example of something that happens today such as American Idol or celebrities.  If you were to compare 2 works, the x would be one work and the y would be the second work of literature.

Lead in, quote and page number (if online, give the page online)
When Beowulf sees Grendel, he “hoists his arm up to fight” (987).
If the work has a quote, you add a single quote and double:
When Beowulf sees Grendel, he “hoists his ‘arm’ up to fight”(119).

Times new roman 12
Four paragraph minimum to include an introduction, at least two body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Paragraphs are to be indented.
For each work of literature discussed in the essay, there must be at least 1 quote from that work in each body paragraph.
Essays are to be either explanation or comparison/contrast.  If comparison/contrast, you must use point by point format.


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