compare OCADO vs WHOLE FOODS MARKET websites

Topic: compare OCADO vs WHOLE FOODS MARKET websites

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The main point is this 2 businesses OCADO (online supermarket) and Whole Foods market (both online and actual shop). You have to establish clear links between THEORIES and examples. Do not write in first person and use short examples when posible to illustrate your points.

Answer the following in around 450 words in essay format NOT question by question:

1) What differences are there for sites that have traditional bricks-and-mortar shops from those that do not? Does the site encourage consumers to visit the physical shop or just to remain an online shopper?

In around 100 words or more:
2) what recommendations would you make to each retailer to improve its website?
FINALLY USE AT LEAST 1 BOOKS AND 2 ARTICLES AS REFERENCES. You can also use website sources but that doesn’t count as part of the books/articles

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