Compare and contrast the Western and East Asian conceptions of law and justice

Compare and contrast the Western and East Asian conceptions of law and justice

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Compare and contrast the Western and East Asian conceptions of law and justice. (Sources: lectures; Bell and Hahm)

Must use this text book and the outline notes:
Bell, D. A. 2009. Beyond liberal democracy: Political thinking for an East Asian context. Princeton University Press.,+D.+A.+2009.+Beyond+liberal%09democracy:+Political+thinking+for++an+East+Asian+context.+Princeton+University++Press.%09+(&ots=dRw6VmEbjz&sig=x4SjDNKHP3-bvdIgjsydrIt6WB4&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false

Bell, D. A., & Chaibong, H. eds.2003. Confucianism for the modern world. Cambridge University Press. (Entire)

The outline:
The Great Contrast Western and East Asia

a. western law -law and Justice as restriction( paying bach
b. East Asian Law – Law and justice as reconciliation ( reconciling parties in dispute)
1. target harmonizing and harmony

Western Law ( 1000-2000’s)
A. Theory of Justice
Distributive Justice
Distribution of the costs and Benefits of Fair
1. focus on individual rights and wrongs
2. The U.S corporation
3. sources state (national law) sacred law ( indaism, christianity, islam, theories of rights)
B. Procedual law neutial, egual procedures
1. criminal procedure
c. process of Law Litigation of Formal Rights Claims
1. Property disputes
East asian Law( 1000-200’s)
A. theory of justice
restoration of broken
human relationships
1. focus – institutical relationships like families, groups.
2. sources. national customs, confucionism
impact of west
B. Procedual Law
Procedual Rectfication
1. Revelation of truth
2. correction of behavior
3. euidence and shaming Punishments


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