Compare and contrast analysis

Compare and contrast analysis

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In this essay you will develop a visual analysis of what appears in each work and the choices each artist has made, and also write about the similarities and differences in the meaning, the original context, and use of each work, following the “Questions Art Historians Ask” on pp. 4-6 of your textbook. You should again focus on clearly articulating your ideas in a well organized essay.
Your primary source of information will be the work of art itself and the required course materials: the in-class lectures and discussions, and your textbook. Students who do extra research in printed books or scholarly journals will ge given higher grades (for possible sources, see the Bibliography handout for Option 2).
Allow sufficient time to edit your paper for standard English grammar and syntax, and for the overall organization and flow of your ideas: these aspects will form part of your final grade for the paper. The best grades will go to those students who have presented their comparison in the clearest and smoothest manner, who have done significant research, and who demonstrate the greatest understanding of the work of art and its original context
Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, with standard font and borders, and without extra line breaks between paragraphs; a format example appears on the next pages. It should around 4 full pages of text (~1000 words). Your name, your object, the class number (include the section) and title, the professor’s name, and the date should appear at the upper left corner of the first page, as in the first essay.
If you do research, cite sources for your information in footnotes following the Chicago-Turabian guidelines (on BB), and include a Works Cited section at the end. If you do outside research, do not turn to other generic overviews like your textbook; look for more focused and specialized sources. Also do not use direct quotes from secondary sources; it must be your own writing.
Include illustrations of your work, clearly cited in the text, and captioned (see the example). The pictrure should be big enough to see clearly, and should appear after the text but before the Works Cited.
I choose, compare and contrast those to works in the project Warka Vase, Dipylon Krater.

Your Name
Your Object
Class Number & Section, Class Title Professor’s Name
You should write a really strong introduction that informs your reader of the focus and direction of your essay. Papers that do not have this will be graded down. Since the focus of your paper is two works of art, they should be introduced in the first paragraph, for example the portrait of King David in the Paris Psalter (Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, Fig. 1), and the page depicting Queen Blanche of Castille and King Louis IX in the Moralized Bible (Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Fig. 2). Notice how I provided a specific identification of the work of art, how I included a reference to which figure it is at the end of my essay, and how the illustration reference comes before the punctuation.
The rest of your essay should discuss the similarities and differences in the two works by considering the similarities and differences in the subject matter and symbolism of each work, the different stylistic choices each artist has made, and also the original context and use of each work. meaning and context of your work. Your essay should also For example, both images appear at the beginning of the manuscripts, but show very different images. The Paris Psalter shows David composing the psalms that make up the text,1 whereas the Moralized Bible shows the owners of the book above, and below the artists producing the actual book.2 Notice how I footnoted information twice, even though I did not use exact quotes. Also notice how the numbers came at the end of the sentence, or after the punctuation. You may want to use other works of art as evidence to prove a point, for
1 Hugo Buchthal, The Miniatures of the Paris Psalter, a Study in Middle Byzantine Painting (Nendeln, Kraus Reprint, 1968), 45. 2 Gerry Guest, Bible Moralisee Vienna, Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod Vind 2554 (London: Harvey Miller, 1995), 23.

sources to use: Gardner’s Art through the ages 3rd edition by Fred S. Kleiner


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