comparative and international education

comparative and international education

In this section, inclusive education in Maldives and Singapore will be compared from historical, social and cultural perspectives. The exploration of inclusion involves an exposition of the cultures and societies in which education is enacted. For this purposes, it is important to think about the process of inclusive education as being subject to a whole host of societal changes, which will be analyzed by these two readings:
Saravanan, V. (2005). Thinking Schools, Learning Nations: Implementation of Curriculum Review in Singapore. Educational Research for Policy and Practice, 4, 97-113
Tan, J. (1998). The Marketisation of Education in Singapore: Policies and Implications International Review of Education / Internationale Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft / Revue internationale de l’éducation, Volume 44, Number 1, 1998, pp. 47 63(17)

Barriers and directions for refinement
This section includes barriers for inclusive education and how to overcome those barriers. And what are the things that can be learned from Singapore inclusive education to incorporate that in Maldives.

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