Company research

Company research

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use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to build customer intelligence for a potential prospect. not limited to LinkedIn, and should naturally be using the
targeted firm’s home page as a starting point. Also, Twitter could be another useful tool.

purpose of this assignment is twofold. First, you will learn a hands on approach to the way most successful B2B salespeople use social media and the Internet to
prospect, build customer intelligence, and create their own personal brand image. Second, you will be able to leverage this information gathering exercise for your own
personal benefit. How?

Step 1: Identify a firm that you would like to work for. Select something that is practical, reasonable, and truly a good fit for your skill set. This will be your
target customer.

Step 2: Gather information on the company that you could use to sell yourself as the best possible candidate. (You can be selling yourself for any position – it does
not have to be a sales job.) Information you need include things such as who the key stakeholders are (decision makers or influencers), what their interests are, and
how you might be able to build rapport with them in a face-to-face meeting.

Step 3: Build on step 2 by identifying the LinkedIn Groups that you would join to increase your knowledge, and how you would build your own personal brand so that it
would be relevant to the stakeholders in this firm.

Based on this, you will submit a Customer Intelligence paper that addresses the following:

• What is the firm that you want to work for, and in what capacity?
• What do they do?
• Why is it a good fit? Why do you want to work there?
• Who are the key stakeholders (CEO, local contacts, HR person, any hiring managers, any professionals working there that you can link to, etc.)?
• What specific steps will you take using either social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) or other networking opportunities to increase your knowledge of both this firm,
and their industry?
• What specific steps will you take to increase your brand in a way that would be relevant to the stakeholders in this firm?
• Is there anything else you can do to better position yourself as the ideal candidate?


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