Community Public Art

You may also select public art from your own community as part of the 6 required works. include a jpg of each art piece discussed. Include a full definition of public art. This is a 800 word minimum final paper. 1) Select 6 pieces of public art from the chapter and write a paper defining public art, its place in the community, and discuss the 6 works. As an alternative, you may select public art works from your own part of the 6. 2) Include a jpg or image of the artist’s work. Describe them. Include title, artist name, size, materials used, location of the works, what you see as the intent of the work by the artist. 3) Include your thoughts about how viewing art in “public areas” differs(or not) from going to galleries and museums. You may quote from the text or another reference. This a 800 word paper and worth 70 points. Be sure your paper has an introductory paragraph, some middle paragraphs describing examples and a concluding paragraph that includes a summation of your paper.

Second page:
Collections: in the nood, Moba zoo, poor traits, dopplehangers or the rainbow collection
1) Name three objects and the artist who created each one. Give dates if possible as to when the works were created and the materials the artist used if available.

2) Write about each object, and include a jpg of each with your paper.

3) In describing each work answer the following:

  • What is it about this work that impressed you and why?
  • Be specific about the elements of art: composition, color, shapes, forms, textures, and other information you learned from the readings of the e-text, discussion forum, or video and papers you wrote.
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