Community and public health

Poster Presentation BriefSelect a public health issue relating to a defined community; using data from recent reports and
publications (consider a local issue and include the national perspective)
Present an A3 size 1 PowerPoint slide which addresses the
learning outcomes. Be prepared to answer questions on the topic of your poster. The poster
must not just be lots of text, be imaginative, including data which has visual impact! A reference
list must be included in your poster design.
1. Justify in your poster why it needs to be prioritised as a community public health issue using
epidemiological data and academic literature and research to support your choice.
a. What epidemiological data is known about this issue in your chosen community? i.e.
incident rates, prevalence rates?
b. What do epidemiological studies tell us about this public health issue?
c. What other research is there available about this public health issue?
d. What public health theory helps us to understand this public health issue?
2. What is the profile of the community,
a. Why is this community affected by this public health issue?
b. What are the risk factors that make them susceptible?
c. Are there any socioeconomic determinants relevant i.e. any inequalities in health?
d. What is the uptake of services (both preventative and acute) associated with this issue?
e. How does the aim of public health (including Public Health England) fit in relation to this
3. Apply one behaviour change model to your chosen public health issue
a. Explain the range of issues at stake (using evidence from literature)? I.e. including risk
taking & life choices.
b. What lay beliefs are commonly associated with this issue?
4. What planned interventions are already done in this community?
a. Do they work and what evaluation evidence have you identified?
b. What levels of engagement with the community are happening within your chosen
5. What Public Health England policy is addressing this issue?
a. What targets have been set?
6. Which professionals are working collaboratively on this public health issue?
a. Which public health roles are having an impact within the community tackling the issue
you have chosen?
7. Summarise, using evidence, the impact i.e. is the issue chosen improving or deteriorating? What
needs to be done to tackle this community public health issue and in evaluations what’s worked
so far and what hasn’t worked so far?
a. What recommendations would you outline based on evidence?

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