1st question : Watch the video about the Gaede sisters. Linx and Lamb Gaede of Prussian Blue are an example of the powerful role social communities play in shaping our lives. Please share how you think communication in culture has been instrumental in shaping each girl’s worldview. Consider how particular others like their mother were instrumental in guiding their views (learn more about what she is up to in Montana in the audio clip — scary!). What do you think would need to happen by way of communication in order for these girls to ever change their standpoints? Do you see that as even possible at this point? How do you think the larger culture of white nationalism affects their communication? links for 1st question &
2nd question: The media play a big role in telling us what society expects of us. View the video clips(“Miss USA”, “Toddlers and Tiaras”) and tell us what you think shows like this tell us about the generalized other’s expectations for women in our society. Are shows like this unique or are there other shows (or even other forms of media) that seem to send similar messages about women? What kinds of media messages are sent to us through the media about men? Find a good media example that relates to this topic and share the link links for 2nd question: &

3rd question: . Listen to the Audio Clip “Hooking Up” – first 12 minutes only. The author of the book being interviewed suggests that models for romantic relational development today have changed. Do you agree with her? Do you see evidence of the “hooking up” culture she and the caller are describing in your day to day experiences with the people you know? How does the model for romantic relationship development offered in relation to what Laura Sessions is describing? What does “hooking up” communicate to relational partners about the relationship itself and about the relational partners involved in the relationship? Find a link that relates to this topic to as a part of your question. links for 3rd question: &

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