Communication Skills


The assignment type is an individual report: reflective analysis of student’s personal use of communication methods.
Must be shown all 3 Module learning outcomes:
1) Analyse different methods of communication
2) Apply the core communication principles to an organization
3) Analyse and reflect on your own communication Skills with a GAP analysis for the skills required for a first line manager role
4) Describe the skills required with an action plan

– You have been appointed as a first line manager at a company of your choice
– You are to produce a report which consists of a reflective analysis of your personal use of communication methods and an action plan of yourself

– Analyse the main methods of communication
– Discuss and apply which communication methods could be applied to the first line manager’s company role at the company of your choice
– Produce a GAP analysis for the skills required for a First Line Manager role
– Produce an action plan

*** Please do not use 1st person ***
*** I will attach all the presentation from the module so you can see what is this about.***
*** Please include graphs and tables ***
Thank you very much.

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