Common Core Standards and how they relate to the old system of education

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Minimum of 9 -11 pages of written text. This does not include the Title page, Abstract page, and References page. When these pages are included, the total length of the paper will be approximately 12 -14 pages.
Margins of 1.0 inch on all four sides—top, bottom, right, and left.
Double-space entire paper, including reference page. Do not put extra spacing between paragraphs. Indent the first line of each paragraph one tab (.5 inches).
Size 12 font in Times New Roman. Do not underline or use all capital letters in the text or with headings.
Title page is required. (See the title page of the sample paper at the end of the APA section of A Writer’s Reference)
Use the “header” feature for page numbering. Type a short title of the paper in all caps at the left hand margin. Use the words “Running head” in front of the title on the first page only. Insert the page number at the right hand margin, including the first page (do not include the word “page”).
Use headings to organize the paper. Main headings (level one) are centered and boldface. Subheadings (level 2) are bold and at the left-margin. Capitalize main words.
Everything above were requirements posted by my teacher.
Furthermore I will need the outline sent to me by Sunday, September 25th by at least 5 pm pacific time.
Next I will need the following four sources to be included in the paper and bibliography, along with four more.
1. “Understanding common core standards” by John Kendall. This is something I found on ebsco host as my school has access to it. This and my next source were both found on ebsco as a matter of fact.
2. “The condition of education in america” by maurice logan.

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