common business strategy models

common business strategy models

1. Focusing on a well-known business of interest, discuss four of the common business strategy models. (Alternatively, you can compare and contrast two/three

businesses and how the models are implemented in different ways).

2. Overlaps and complementarities exist between Business-level strategy and corporate-level strategy overlap – discuss.

3. Research and analyse a business of interest, summarising the major strategic issues that it currently faces. Consider how and why the business might misdiagnose

these issues. What could it do to avoid such mistakes?
4. Place yourself in the position of the chairman of a company that is looking to grow and diversify (you can use an actual company as a case study or make one up).

You have to persuade the shareholders of the soundness of your plans. You should discuss what is meant by strategy and why it is important. You should outline the

connection between a mission statement or vision statement and the formulation of a strategy. You should then put forward your strategy for the case study business,

clearly showing how targets, objectives and aims are interrelated and interconnected.
5. Discuss why you would be the ideal candidate for the following job vacancy:
Job description
Function Overview: ABC’s group Corporate Strategy team is a small, highly visible group whose purpose is to provide thought leadership on a variety of strategic

business issues for the company and its operating units. Corporate Strategy is led by the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Strategy, who in turn reports to the CEO of

ABC Group. The group is responsible for leading and facilitating the development of corporate strategy, portfolio strategy, and the strategic planning process for the


The group also executes internal consulting projects including, but not limited to: developing and refining strategies for business units and key brands; analyzing

white space opportunities in new segments and channels; executing competitive assessments; partnering with other functions and business units to identify cost

reduction opportunities; and identifying new profit-enhancement opportunities. The group works to promote the Strategy function throughout the company by sharing best

practices and strengthening the linkages between Corporate Strategy, Business Unit Strategy and Function Strategy professionals.

Position Overview: The Corporate Strategy Analyst position is specifically designed for pre-MBA individuals and will have a unique and distinctive opportunity to

tackle significant business issues, interacting directly with Senior Management.

Successful candidates will be willing to stay for minimum of two years. Strong performers will be considered for advancement within the firm. Competitive salary


Position Responsibilities include:
Lead strategic initiatives within cross-functional teams
Develop models for various scenarios such as mergers &acquisitions, productivity improvements, organisation design, consumer segmentation
Develop and present strategic recommendations to business teams and ABC Group senior leadership
Assist in the preparation of business/strategic plans


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