Commercial law (confidential information case)

Commercial law (confidential information case)

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1. Please only use Australian case and law. Please make sure your research is done using followeing data basis only:
:LexisNexis AU – for cases and journal articles
FirstPoint (Legal online) – for cases and journal articles
HeinOnline – for journal articles (this service has a large number of Australian journals)
Westlaw AU – for journal articles
NB. Australian cases and statutes and some journal articles can be found at:

2.Your work should look like a journal article and the footnotes, bibligraphy should comply with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, Include a bibliography., I’ve uploaded a quick referencing guide.
3.Please read through the linked new article in assignment guide.

you only need to consider the protection of confidential information for which the company does not hold patents or trade marks. you do not need to discuss protection provided by defamation law.

5.Please make sure you read the 5 referencing cases on the last page of assignment guideline and take those into consideration when writing this paper.
4. Please outlines the ways in which Veronica Airlines might seek to legally protect its confidential information including
a) trade secrets from disclosure
b) exploitation by employees or former employees.

5. You should outline the laws relating to the protection of CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION in the context of EMPLOYERS and EMPLOYEES and analyse the STRENGTH and WEAKNESS of the current legal regime in this regard.

6.Make recommendations which should be included in employee contracts in the future to provide better protection

7.You should refer to cases, legislation and/or journal articles to support and illustrate your points

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