Comic books

Comic books are, as we?ve discussed throughout the semester, a form of visual art that is just beginning to gain respect in the world of ?high-brow? art. We?ve discussed the different elements of comic art (time, space, scale, shading, color, abstraction, demands on the audience), and several of these elements are present in other forms of visual art such as painting, drawing, and even sculpture. For your extra credit assignment, you will visit any of New York City?s museums to find insight into the comics we?ve read this semester. How does a particular painting play with time the way Spiegelman does? How does a particular sculpture manipulate scale the way Yang does? How does a drawing convey emotion the way Satrapi does?

Research the museum you choose to visit before you go. Make sure you will find something relevant to this class. For example, you probably won?t find any relevant material at the Transit Museum.

Also, make sure you obtain documentation that you went to the museum. Past museum visits do not count, nor does looking up a painting online. There are plenty of free museums (the Metropolitan Museum of Art is ?suggested donation,? which means you can give a dollar and be admitted; the Museum of Modern Art gives free admission to CUNY students ? just remember to bring your ID!).

I have outlined very strict rules for this essay. Please observe every one of them. They are listed below. This is extra credit, and the amount of points you might receive is very high. I will not make exceptions to any of these rules.

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