Collaborative Working in Mental Health

Collaborative working in mental health Essay Plan All these learning outcomes will be formatively assessed:
Critical introduction of the essay

Prepare a detailed essay plan using level 7 format provided. You need to give a summary of key points you intend to discuss and identify key references written in accordance with the level 7 referencing and Harvard guide. (250 words) 1. Critically discuss and analyse the principles of and evidence underpinning shared decision making Critically discuss and analyse the principles and practice of shared decision making and collaborative working. You should provide a critical analysis of the values, evidence and policy framework underpinning the notions of collaborative working and shared decision making. (500 words) 2. Demonstrate critically and apply a comprehensive understanding of factors influencing physical health of mental health service users Critically consider the importance of mental health nurses working collaboratively with MH service users in order to promote health and wellbeing integrating theory to practice. (300 words) 3. Demonstrate and apply a comprehensive and critical understanding of mental health nursing psychopharmacology Outline the key physical health risks of people with severe mental illness. Critically consider through complex discussion the range of factors influencing the physical health of mental health service users with consideration given to the identified physical health condition (300 words) 4. Critically discuss and appraise the principles underpinning the role of the nurse in supporting healthy lifestyle choices Critically explore the key principles or guidance relating to the prescribing of psychotropic medication. Consider and critically discuss using contemporary literature and research the impact of psychopharmacology on physical health with reference to the identified physical health condition (e.g. atypical antipsychotics and cardiometabolic risk). This should show a complex discussion around the incomplete or contradictory evidence/data used. (500 words) 5. Critically appraise factors that affect treatment adherence Provide an evidenced based /critical appraisal of the factors affecting treatment adherence in people who use mental health services and consider issues related to medication management and/or health improvement interventions. The application of key aspects of working collaboratively with service users. (400 words) 6. Critically discuss and demonstrate the ability to promote health and work collaboratively with service users With reference to the identified Physical health condition consider one evidenced based health improvement goal (e.g. weight management/stopping smoking to reduce CVD risk). Critically discuss and appraise the principles underpinning the role of the MH nurse in supporting healthy lifestyle choices and behaviour change. You should consider relevant theory and/or practice related evidence. The complexities of supporting healthy lifestyle (500 words) Conclusion Pull your discussion together and provide an appropriate conclusion to your essay (250 wods) You are also then required to consider one learning outcome and write 300 words towards meeting this again with correct referencing. This is to enable you to develop and receive feed forward on your level 7 writing skill as per University Criteria guidance.( see rubric below). Assessment Brief The assessment strategy is designed to assess the student’s understanding of knowledge around medication, physical health and factors affecting shared decision making and collaborative working with service users. Students will be asked to identify a physical health condition that has an increased prevalence in Mental Health service users (i.e. Cardiovascular disease/Type 2 diabetes) and will consider the factors which influence physical health while exploring how the health of service users is enabled through shared decision-making and collaborative working. The integral role of the MHN in promoting health and wellbeing is demonstrated. change in people with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) should be examined. The application of a collaborative approach should be evident. You need to demonstrate level 7 writing. Please refer to the level 7 assessment rubric which will be used for marking your essay.

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