COLL300 forum 2

COLL300 forum 2

Develop a research proposal to include a research subject, a focused topic for the subject, a research question, sources to consult, hypothetical audience, and working thesis Remember: your thesis statement must propose an arguable solution to a problem related to your major about a topic related to your major or intended career, which follows the problem solution strategy. My intended career is being able to work for DOD – department of defense in the supply chain logistics field.

Description: Identify the main concern about your topic; include your research question and any relative secondary questions. You must include your working thesis statement, identifying it with the phrase: "My working thesis is…." You must also include the expected results of your research. Remember that a thesis statement is typically one complete sentence that is not a question.

Define the topic problem, illustrates an awareness of audience, examines and eliminates alternative solutions, provides a feasible solution, and supports all main points with adequate, documented research. The assignment reveals thoughtful analysis and critical thinking.

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