Coach Carter The Values and Morals of Character Role Models in the Movies

Coach Carter The Values and Morals of Character Role Models in the Movies

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The movie chosen to have a character review done on it is…

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Movies and videos provide opportunities for critical reflection and the development of media literacy. This activity will provide you with the opportunity to practice being a critical consumer of films as a form of media.
Reflect on the character lessons that can be learned (good or bad) by considering the character role models in your chosen film. Using the movie you selected, write a 1-page reflection that addresses the following:
Explain the fundamental elements of character, values, or virtues the lead character in your film exemplified.
Select one dilemma or issue your protagonist/character dealt with. How did his/her values or morals help or hinder the decision-making process in the example you selected?
With your core values in mind, what course of action as a moral model would you have taken in this particular case?
How does this movie support the goal of using media to teach character development?
How does the movie stand as an example of a text that could be used to teach critical reflection through media literacy?
Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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