clinical measures

Order Description1. What is operations research (OR)? As a technical manager, when should you use it? What three questions must be answered in an OR decision making model? (15 points)

2. What are the phases of an OR study? Briefly describe each one (10 points)

3. What is the most widely used OR technique? Briefly describe it. (5 points)
4. Cardinal Manufacturing is seeking to optimize its profitability related to production of two main goods, hammers and shovels. In order to produce a lot of 100 hammers Cardinal needs 55 pounds of steel and 45 pounds of wood. The profit per lot of hammers is $150. In order to produce a lot of 100 shovels, Cardinal needs 75 pounds of steel and 85 pounds of wood. The profit per lot shovels is $275. The factory material throughput is limited to 900 pounds of steel and 1200 pounds of wood per day. One additional constraint is that the factory must produce at least 2 lots of each product per day. What is the optimal number of lots of each product and the resulting profit? Show your work in developing the optimized answer. (20 points)

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