Climate Change in the Lake Tahoe Basin

Climate Change in the Lake Tahoe Basin

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This paper is pretty much the same order I submitted before under order number 81190544. Basically, this paper will be about climate change in Lake Tahoe and how snow,

temperature, and precipitation totals are affected. Here’s how the case study should be outlined: First section is the abstract. I will send you this so you understand

where I am going with the paper. Second section will be the Introduction, introducing you to the lake tahoe region, building the readers interest. Next will be the

methods section. This is where you talk about where you found the data and what formula (linear regression) you are using to quantify the data/use the graph (from the

first step). Next section is the results section. This is where This is where you will write the findings of your research and what can be deduced from those findings,

using the works cited as proof for the paper. Final section is the conclusion where you write out problems with the data.

This paper will be done in parts. The order things are submitted is subject to change, but instructions in regards to the paper will not change.

1. The first step of this paper will be to build the excel document so you can analyze the data. Precipitation data for weather stations is available from 1990 and up

in most cases. Basically, I want to start recording the data in excel once the weather stations started recording precip totals. This data is going to be from 3 more

weather stations around the Lake Tahoe Basin. They shouldn’t be too close to each other. Then, we are going to preform a regression analysis on all of the weather

stations. My teacher wants this graph to be in excel. Once this is completed I will send to my teacher to confirm I’m on the right track. Here’s the page you can use

to find weather stations:

I would use Tahoe city, Glenbrook, and South Lake Tahoe AP. I already have Boca in the current excel document. I want three different excel documents with the months

of January, February, March, November, and December, as those are all months where we are supposed to experience precip. I want the excel documents to look like

geog_490_snow_data_updated. Once all this is compiled and I get the OK from my professor to continue, we will move onto the next step.

2. Once you submit the data to me and we get the OK to start writing the paper, I would like you to write the abstract and introduction. I will then submit that

portion to my professor to make sure we are still on the right track.

3. Next we will write the methods, results, and conclusion. This will require a lot of rewriting, as my professor is definitely going to want the best. There will

definitely be some re-writing in this area.


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