cis quistion

cis quistion
make two separate Word documents (one for each question) Each document should be 500 words (1page) in length, single spaced using headings where appropriate. Content must be original and written. All citations need to be in APA format.

Q1-Using Lon Safko’s “Ten Commandments of Social Media” as a basis, ( ) make an argument for the top five social media categories that every business needs to implement. Make sure to offer examples – both technologies and business cases – as well as sources to support your points.

It is acceptable to use Safko’s “Social Media Trinity” (blogging, Facebook, Twitter) as a starting point, but you must still absolutely make a case for those three categories, in addition to two additional technologies that you would consider essential.

Q2-A local technology and networking company, Secant Technologies ( ), recently opened its new Tier3 Enhanced Data Center and needs to attract more new and qualified technicians, network engineering and support specialists, etc. to the organization.

In tandem, Secant wants to increase its exposure (and ultimately its revenue stream) in the various tech forums, review sites, and other social media outlets attuned to the corporate networking and cloud computing community to establish and build credibility.

Examine the Secant Technologies website and provide some suggestions beyond the standard social media channels of Facebook and Twitter. You should assume and note that Secant needs and already uses a presence on Facebook and Twitter, but look at the effectiveness of both, and then look beyond these two for your recommendations.

Make sure to be specific in terms of what the organization should do. Also offer examples as well as sources to support your points.

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