Cirque du soeleil ( HW1)

Cirque du soeleil ( HW1)

Paper details:
This is case study assignment. Read an article and answer from questions. It requires that two-three pages. I will post the syllabus and also post an article. All information is based on the syllabus and article.

Case 2: Cirque du Soleil (HW 1)

answer the questions listed below. Be sure to write concisely and economically; use bullet points or numbers.

Please, apply complementary the Resource-based framework and the VRIO model in your analysis.

1. List ALL resources and capabilities possessed by Cirque du Soleil in the following table.

Criteria    Tangible Resources
Intangible Resources
ALL resources    List all resources    List all resources    List all capabilities
Valuable    List only the V resources     List only the V resources     List only the V capabilities
Rare    Choose only R resources of the V resources    Choose only R resources of the V resources    Choose only R capabilities of the V capabilities
Costly to imitate    Choose only I resources of the R resources    Choose only I resources of the R resources    Choose only I capabilities of the R capabilities

Summarize the resources and capabilities contribute to Cirque’s competitive advantage.

2. What are Cirque ’s core competencies?

3.  Summarize only the unique characteristics of the following practices of Cirque du Soleil to organize its resources:
I.    Organizational structure – (a) functions, (b) authority for decision making, and (c) communication
II.    Human Resource Management (HRM)

Important note:
This is individual work; outline your personal opinion and demonstrate academic integrity. Write the pledge and sign it.
Similar pattern of answers of your WA and your class mates’ WAs will lead to zero grade.

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