Chronic Illness Assignment (part1)


Topic: Chronic Illness Assignment (part1)

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Objectives for the Chronic Illness Assignment (Part 1):


1. describe the three major elements of the Chronic Illness Framework – illness type, time phases of the illness, and family function

2. analyze family function (behaviors, attitudes, coping) depicted in a family story



1. Reading assignment – Review Family Healthcare Nursing: Theory, Practice, and Research pp 87-90 related to the Chronic Illness Framework.

Lubkin’s Chronic Illness pp 22-38 and 337-364

2. Consider the The diving bell and the butterfly memoir by Bauby.
Read the memoir The diving bell and the butterfly by Bauby (1997). You can find and download that book from Amazon for free. Here is the link
Check that out.
3. Analyze Bauby and his family based on the Chronic Illness Framework. Document your analysis on the worksheet provided.

4. Analyze the Chronic Illness Framework – is this framework useful for this family/situation? Why or why not? Can it be useful in patient/family situations you’ve
dealt with during your clinical experiences?


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