Christian worldview

Objective: Discuss the influence of postmodern tribalism on worldviews.
The term postmodernism is thrown around a lot these days. Various experts define it differently. For our
discussion, we will look at how our textbook defines the term and compare it to other definitions.
Read Chapter 8 in your textbook.
Compare and contrast the definition of postmodernism from the textbook with other sources.
How do the views of our postmodern culture influence the worldview of people today?
How influential has postmodern thought been on your personal worldview?
For this case study assignment, you will react to an article that contains a case study from a television show.
Read Chapter 6 in your textbook.
Read the article Shaking Hands with Reality
In a 1-page response, provide a reaction to the article.
Submit your case study response to the dropbox titled WK5 Case Study for your instructor.
Objective: Research elements of postmodernism in relation to a Christian worldview.
You have had the opportunity to discuss some of postmodernism from the perspective of the textbook. Now you will do research on the topic.
Use the OCU library to locate and read a peer-reviewed journal article addressing the elements of
Write a 1-2 page article review addressing the following criteria.
o Analyze the article you read from the library comparing and contrasting it with the elements of postmodernism in the textbook.
o In your analysis include a summary paragraph that outlines what you have learned about postmodernism from both readings.
Submit your review to the dropbox titled WK5 Article Review for your instructor.
Objective: Reflect on the concept of truth and how it influences your personal worldview.
Throughout the course, you have been adding to a journal. The journal consisted of four one-page essays (one page from each week) and now, this week, you have a final journal entry.
Write a two-page journal entry that describes your personal worldview.
Identify the elements of your worldview from what you learned in this course.
Discuss any changes in perspective that you have made through the course to hold a Christian worldview.
Journal entries are not expected to be formatted in the APA style unless otherwise noted f
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instructor; however, citations should be presented in APA format. Also, it is expected that grammar, spelling,
etc. properly meet a university level of writing.
Submit your journal post to the dropbox titled WK5 Final Journal for your instructor.
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