Christ will Return and Restore

We have come to the last theme: Christ will return and restore all things. In many ways, we have taken the
journey from Eden to Heaven. From innocence to ruin to redemption to restoration.
Revelation is the key book here.
Question:?? What do you think is the main purpose of the book of Revelation? How does it bring things to a
conclusion of sorts and provide a finale of the story from Innocence to Ruin to Redemption to Restoration?
Your answer must reference the corresponding reading in the Foundations workbook and the resources on
Canvas. If you do not reference these sources, you will receive a zero on this assignment. You must begin
learning how to use sources in your answers.
reference and cite video uploaded and this journal book see below
Title: Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice
Edition: 2nd Format: Spiral Bound
Author(s): Hudson, Don Michael
ISBN13: 978-0-615-52913-4
Pub. Date: Pulp Press, 2014

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