Chosen profession: Criminal Defense Attorney

Chosen profession: Criminal Defense Attorney

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Description:  You will take a look at topics/issues of diversity and social justice in your

chosen/anticipated profession and offer perspective on it.  You will submit a 2-3 page (max) essay along

with at least one article referenced.

Chosen profession: Criminal Defense Attorney

Instructions:  Your essay should include responses to the following questions (bullet pointed):

1. What is your chosen/anticipated career?  1 sentence

2. Why did you choose this career?  1 –  3 sentences

3. What does diversity and inclusion look like in the field?  1  -2 paragraphs

4. What are some (1-3) contemporary issues of diversity and inclusion in the field (quantify &

qualify it)?  1 – 2 paragraphs

5. Solutions?  Recommendations?  1 – 2 paragraphs

6. Does it impact any of the social groups you are a member of?  How?  1 – 2 paragraphs

7. How might it impact you professionally?  1 paragraph

8. How might you respond to these challenges? What suggestions do you have? 1 paragraph


1. 2-3 pages maximum length

2. Submit at least 1 article referenced in your essay, either an academic article or, if it’s from a

website, the article copied onto a word document (along with the site heading and hyperlink

[live link] for it under the heading) and attached with your submission.

Purposes – for students to:

1. Explore topics of diversity & social justice related to their chosen profession

2. Better prepare themselves for professional challenges and realities that lie ahead

3. Think proactively, developing a problem-solving, anticipatory mindset

4. Cultivate job-readiness awareness

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