choose the interior room from Museum of Art Philadelphia

choose the interior room from Museum of Art Philadelphia

*Close study and your immediate access to work of design are invaluable in understanding design. Tour the Period Rooms of the PMA with the guide in hand, again. Choose one room in the guide that particularly interests in (( Museum of Art Philadelphia)). write four page paper explaining your chosen room.
For this paper:
* Research the context of your room, which includes historical events, cultural trends and /or changes that help to locate the room within a specific time period and geographic region.

*identify the broad issues that concerned designers living during this period that may have impacted the design of the object, such as role of structure and technology, the availability of materials, the use of ornament, patterns of patronage , trade or commerce, etc.

*Write a detailed visual analysis of the room. Address the principles and elements of design that we’ve reviewed and are reviewing in class with respect to your room. If it is apiece in a larger whole (maybe it is part of a spatial sequence, for example), you may discuss that as well. Ultimately, this paper is about what you see. the research that you do is important, but the thesis and last word on this room need to come from you.

*Formulate a thesis based upon your research and your visual analysis. Explore the key concerns (theoretical, technological, structural, political and formal) of the design: how are these concerns expressed in the design?

*include a bibliography of at least four published sources, submitted in Chicago-style format. websites should be consulted primarily to obtain visual and very general information and are not considered scholarly sources.

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