Choice Project: Textbook Boxes

Choice Project: Textbook Boxes

For this assignment, refer to the “List of Boxes” on pages x-xi of the textbook.  You may use any of the boxeslisted in these sections, except the boxes listed under DSM-5; you are not limited to the chapters we are currently studying.  Pick ONE box PER paper, not one category.  The categories are:

•    Drugs in the Media
•    Taking Sides
•    Drugs in Depth

Some of the boxes suggest specific activities, or raise questions for you to answer; others just provide information on a particular topic.  Pick one box, then write an800- to 1000-word paper on the box topic.  Here are some suggestions:
•    Do the activity suggested in the box, and then report what you found.  (Note: If the box suggests an activity, do it.  Don’t just speculate on what would happen if you did.)
•    Answer the questions or respond to the controversy raised in the box.
•    Write about information or a perspective that you think the authors have left out in a box topic.
•    Do a little more research on a box topic and write about what you found.
•    Other?  If you have other ideas, let’s talk about them!

I am looking for the following in these assignments:
•    That you have spent some time reflecting on the topic or issues raised, and done some extra independent research.
•    Your opinion and/or perspective.
•    Integrating concepts we have covered in class.
•    Balance – for example, if you have a strong opinion about something, spend some time considering the other side and its potential merits.
•    Appropriate citations if you use data or other “facts”
•    Quality, coherent writing!
•    Please include the page number and title of the box you are using in the heading of your paper.

Tip:  The most frequent reasons for students losing points on these assignments are for not using appropriate citations and not meeting the required length.  If you are having trouble with either of these, please ask for help.  We are happy to work with you on your writing.

If you have other ideas of activities that you want to do relating to something you read in the textbook, please let me know.  I am flexible about these assignments.  As an example, in the past, students have done research into tobacco cessation resources available to help them quit smoking, then written about their research and thoughts about quitting.

To turn in your assignment, please post it to the appropriate folder under “Dropbox” in D2L.

Note:  We have read the boxes in the textbook, so you don’t need to go into detail about the information covered there.  You can describe it as an introduction or segue to your paper, but don’t spend a lot of time on it.

Note:  If you do these Textbook Boxes, this fulfills your Choice Project assignment.  You do NOT have to do a Book Group.  The requirement for the Choice Project is to do EITHER the Textbook Boxes (this assignment) OR a Book Group (see separate instructions.)

Grading Rubric

0-1        2-3        4-5
Technical Parameters and Credibility        •    Less than 600 words
•    Textbook reference missing
•    Grammar and spelling interfere with reading
•    Multiple citations are missing
•    Opinionated and one-sided
•    Disrespectful language used
•    Writing seems rushed and thrown together
•    Length of 600 to 800 words
•    Unclear reference to textbook box
•    Some grammar and spelling errors
•    One or two citations missing
•    Somewhat opinionated or one-sided
•    Some effort demonstrated        •    Length of 800 to 1000 words
•    Referenced textbook box
•    Proper grammar and spelling
•    Appropriate citations and references used where and when appropriate
•    Language and tone represent thoughtful, fair and respectful writing
•    Quality of the paper shows effort and integrity were applied to the assignment
•    Writing is choppy and difficult to read
•    Missing or vague reference to box activities or questions
•    Writing only in the third person
•    Repeats conventional thinking with no original ideas or opinions        •    Some sections have to be re-read for clarity
•    Activities and questions from box are partially addressed
•    Content includes some opinions, and some balance, demonstrating various aspects of an issue have been considered
•    Original ideas and/or perspectives are presented        •    Writing flows and is easy to read
•    Activities in the box are completed
•    Questions in the box are addressed
•    Content includes opinions, and is balanced, demonstrating various aspects of an issue have been considered
•    Original ideas and/or perspectives are presented

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