Children Literature

Children Literature

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A writer from best dissertation has already written me a research proposal. The research proposal needs to be refined and improved because it did not get the
acceptance to get into a PhD program in any university; despite the many universities i applied to. I had contacted a former teacher and these are the points he
suggested i take in to consideration:
I reviewed your proposal. I have the following comments:

1. I am not a specialist in children literature.

2. I am not familiar with the British universities’ system of accepting PhD proposals. I have no idea of what they are exactly looking for. Generally speaking, I
expect they would be looking for a solid proposal that reflects the applicant’s good command and understanding of the field, and that proves to add something new to
the research field. I think this is the main reason for not getting acceptance till now.

3. It appears to me that your proposal lacks a clearly stated thesis statement. You presented a very general idea of the field. Your proposal does not show adding some
thing new to the field.

4. The paragraph on ethical consideration appears to me out of place: does this mean that you are by all means watchful of plagiarism in theories, and overlooking it
in other parts of the research?! Off course not; so I do not see any need to include it.

5. You have not stated the limitations and delimitations of the study clearly. You are still very general. If you leave it this way, you will get lost in a huge
research scope.

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