Child Observation



Child Observation AssignmentFor this assignment, you will observe a young child. Please choose a child between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. Then, complete the following steps:1) Before you begin your assignment you MUST:a. Discuss this assignment with the child’s parent. b. Inform the parent that you are NOT observing the child from the position of an expert. c. Explain that you are a Lifespan Development student and are merely observing the child for a class assignment. d. Tell the parent that you will NOT be using the child’s name in the report.2) Observe the child for at least 1 hour. a. You may NOT babysit or observe a child in your work setting. b. You must try to stay as detached from the child’s interactions as possible!3) Record any data related to the following domains:a. Physical developmenti. Estimate weight/heightii. Gross motor skillsiii. Fine motor skillsiv. Other physical characteristics or activitiesb. Cognitive Developmenti. Language useii. Creativityiii. Decision Makingiv. Judgmentc. Social Emotional Developmenti. Emotions (positive/negative and how handled)ii. Psychosocial stageiii. Social interactionsiv. Self-Conceptv. Temperamentd. Cultural Influencesi. Parenting practicesii. Multiple languagesiii. Gender roles4) Complete a narrative report of what you observed of the childa. Introduction with child’s demographic information (age, gender, family arrangement – if known, and/or identify primary caregivers)b. State that you received permission to complete the observationc. Discuss observations from part 3 and divide into sections based on i. Physical domainsii. Cognitive domainsiii. Social/emotional domainsiv. Cultural influences5) Assignment will bea. Typedb. Double spacedc. Written in an academic toned. Free of grammar and mechanical errorse. Well-organizedf. Graded according to i. Content (60%)ii. Organization/Tone (20%)iii. Grammar/Mechanicsg. Approximately 3-5 pages

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