Character analysis from a play

Character analysis from a play

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This is a three page character analysis paper for a costume design class. The play (theater) is ” King Arthur, A Drama in a Prologue and Four Acts” by: J. Comyns Carr

(Author) (you can find it by googling) I want the paper to analyze two characters in that play. 1- King Arthur. 2-Merlin. I want you to analyze the 2 characters in

that play and provide a character/psych analysis of them (or you can chose a different King Aurthur play that is easier for you to write about but it has to be a full

play with king arthur and merlin as characters and provide a full list of characters in that play and an online link to access the play, or of course you can work with

the play i provided) I want you to provide an analysis of these two characters, meaning: What was the setting? how were they feeling? are they good or bad or both?

what have they done to shape their character? What do they wear? anything you think that will fall under analyzing the characters. Write the character analysis in a

page and a half (so 2 paragraphs for each) The professor wants to know how you understand the characters chosen and what makes them the way they are. After that for

the remaining page and a half I want you to write about the play in general and want you to talk about things like the themes (justice, war, betrayal etc) setting

(late 5th century and early middle ages in the united kingdom) Religion practiced at that time (Christianity) *important: Also provide a list of facts regarding the

play (king arthur was a legendary medieval leader, place of birth, what did he really do and not do, although some argue that king arthur didn’t really exist and some

do) use only credible sources 3 or more) Again- the first page and a half will be character/psych analysis of the 2 characters – the other page and a half will be

Setting, Themes, and most importantly a list of facts. The first page and a half doesn’t have to be connected (like an essay) to the second page and a half, so total 3



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