Chapter 4 critique/ 5 arguments, and critical thinking questions


Chapter 4 critique/ 5 arguments, and critical thinking questions

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Direction: Please read chapter 4 in your text and complete the required two page review. Your review document should include the following: 1) at least five major arguments presented in the chapter or at least five things you learned from reading the chapter, PLEASE NOTE – Just listing five items will not guarantee you full points, each points should be clearly identified (1, 2, 3, etc.) and discussed, and (2) a brief critique of the reading. You are also required to raise at least one question from the reading and post this on the discussion board. In addition to your review document please respond to the critical thinking questions listed below. Answer each part of the questions with succinct and comprehensive information, citing examples where appropriate. Please complete the assignment and upload to the grading center. Please be reminded that you only have one chance to upload so complete the entire assignment then submit. critical thinking questions: 1. What is the purpose of law? Would a society exist without laws? Comment on and analyze the pros and cons of these issues giving examples to support your opinions. 2. As defenses, justifications and excuses claim a kind of moral high ground. Justifications and excuses may be offered by people who find themselves forced to choose between “two evils.” Generally speaking, conduct that a person believes is necessary to avoid harm to him or to another is justifiable if the harm he is trying to avoid is greater than the harm the law defining the offense seeks to avoid. Define and comment on three of the categories that are applicable to this defense. Analyze their good and bad points. 3. Does the insanity defense serve a useful function today? Discuss, using examples of recent cases in the news. If you could create your own rule for determining insanity in criminal trials, what would it be? How would it differ from existing rules?

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