Chapter 4 Assignment

Chapter 4 Assignment

Part 1: Directions- Read each of the following statements and indicate whether each is True (T) or False (F).
If the answer is false, change the statement to make it true. You must do this step to earn full credit for this assignment.

_____ 1. An abnormal increase in maternal CRH in the third trimester of pregnancy is currently being evaluated as an early predictor of premature birth.

_____ 2. Stage 2 of labor is the longest, lasting an average of 12 to 14 hours with a first birth.

_____ 3. Like during pregnancy, high levels of infant cortisol and other stress hormones during childbirth often cause harm to the baby.

_____ 4. At birth, boys tend to be slightly longer and heavier than girls.

_____ 5. An Apgar score of 7 or better indicates that the infant is in good physical condition.

_____ 6. Before the late 1800s, most Western births usually took place in hospitals.

_____ 7. Although they feel more pain, women who experience natural childbirth have more positive attitudes toward the childbirth experience than women who use other techniques.

_____ 8. Women who are supported during labor less often have cesarean deliveries and their babies’ Apgar scores are higher.

_____ 9. Research findings favor the sitting position for delivery.

_____ 10. About 7 percent of American women choose to have their babies at home.

Part 2: Short answer questions

Question 1: would choose……because…….
Which method of childbirth mentioned in Chapter 4 would you choose if you were a prospective parent (father or mother) and why?

Question 2: Are young infants more competent than you thought before you read Chapter 4? Describe aspects of their wide range of capacities that most surprised you. Why were you surprised? Be specific and provide details.

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