Change Through Persuasion

Reputation WarfareFor this week’s discussion please discuss:
You are the spokesperson for a hospital that has just been accused by the local press of not giving enough charity care to justify your tax-exempt status. The newspaper wants to interview you as a follow-up to present the hospital’s side of the story.
Using the tools and recommendations outlined in this week’s readings, discuss how you would go about communicating to the reporter – realizing that the community is your real audience. Site at least two sources

Change Through Persuasion
You are the Department Manager at an organization that has just announced budget cuts and layoffs. You must meet with your employees, who are afraid and angry, tomorrow to explain the impact on your department. Using the tools described in our readings, submit a 2-3 page paper describing how you would prepare for the meeting, present the bad news, and overcome resistance and negativity. Site at least 3 sources.

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