Change Mangement

Change Mangement

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This week’s readings address two very different perspectives: Bazzoli et al(2004) is a look back on 20 years of organizational change in health care while Porter and Lee (2013) propose “the strategy that will fix health care”. After reading both articles and reflecting on the overall content of this class (lectures, readings) offer your perspective on the viability of Porter and Lee’s strategy. Couch your response in the context of the Bazzoli et al (2004) article and the other knowledge you now have about the management of change. Is the strategy proposed by Porter and Lee (2013) viable? Briefly propose “how” you would go about implementing one or more elements of the strategy in a health care setting. Discuss resistance and any other barriers you see. Be sure to identify at least one potential unintended consequence. Be as specific as possible in formulating your response.

“Two Decades of Organizational Change in Health Care: What Have We Learned?” Medical Care Research & Review 61(3): 247-331. 2004. *

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