Challenge to succeeding in college

Throughout this course, you’ve participated in a process: You’ve identified a challenge to succeeding in college, you’ve given yourself a goal, and you’ve created an action plan with steps and strategies that support the accomplishment of that goal.

Create a presentation in your choice of format that takes the professor (and classmates, if you’ve elected to share) through your self-improvement journey.

Reflect on your progress by answering the following prompts:

Evaluate: Were you able to make any improvements or chip away at your goal? Why or why not?
Explain: What worked for you? What didn’t work? Why?
Reflect: What would you do differently next time? How might you apply what you learned through this process to other challenges you face in life?
Advise: What 2 pieces of advice would you give an incoming freshman? Use personal stories from your own experience and/or class lessons/activities to support your advice.

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