Census for United Arab Emirates

Determine how readily available and updated the census data is for “Your Country.”

Use an Internet search engine such a Google to search for census data for “Your Country.” Find census data from three sources. Then respond to the following questions.

  1. Is “Your Country’s” census data available on a website sponsored by the national government of “Your Country” (like the Census Bureau or an Institute of Statistics)?
  2. Can this census data be found in English?
  3. Is census data for “Your Country” available through websites hosted by international organizations (such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank or United Nations)?
  4. What is the most recent data you can find? How detailed of data can you find?
  5. If census data is available from both the national government and an international organization, how well does the data match?
  6. Discuss some differences would it make to a company if the census numbers are very different?
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