CBL Individual Synthesis Paper

CBL Individual Synthesis Paper

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This is a Final paper for management,

I had experience in organization this semester with ( National union of Kuwaiti Student ) which I work with no salary 2 hours a week in wednesday, my job was to help a new students who arrived from Kuwait to USA, I help the student who came to Los Angeles with a group of 4 people, Example we help them to find a place to live in like rent a condo …etc and how to open a bank acount and where should the go and if they are need a help to buy anything like car or stuff for their house

This year I volunteered for the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS). The first time I volunteered was during 2013 for the NUKS. During my first encounter with the volunteering atmosphere my group was defiantly an R1 type, mainly because we were delegated our jobs specifically and were given low consideration, which are two of the aspects pertaining to the R1 category of the employee groups. The team that I worked in specifically were delegated the tasks that we were to complete and accomplish were to help new students that came from Kuwait and need help setting up their life for the next 4 upcoming years. However, as I have returned to volunteering with NUKS I believe I have already entered into the R3 type of employee. This time my employer considered our group that has returned to volunteering with its same members as R3. This time, however, after being assigned our specific locations we already knew how to work and structure our efforts in a most efficient way, but we were still given some direction as to how to handle the task. Although, we weren’t given as specific requirements as our first time volunteering we did however, gain immense respect from the employer. Towards, the end of the volunteering I personally felt that I was beginning to transition into the R4 mainly because as I progressed in my task and work I was given less instructions and more freedom to handle any situations that might arise in the line of my specific task, which was to help new students, which I believe was part of the R4 category.

One example that reflects my transition into the R4 category was when a new student requested me to help him buy a condominium. I had no personal knowledge as to how to buy an apartment, however, I solved the problem by contacting a broker that worked in close proximity to the students educational facility as to supplement him with a home that is close to his school. At first I was contemplating whether or not to contact my employer for guidance, when I did he asked me to solve without it any help, which revealed to me that I have gained the trust of the employer in solving the issues that arise as expected by him.


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