Casias v. Wal-Mart

Casias v. Wal-Mart

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Discuss the Casias case with respect to Mr. Casias being an “Employee At Will” but also considering what questions Wal-Mart should have asked before they terminated Mr. Casias as well as what actions Wal-Mart should have taken or considered before terminating Mr. Casias. Answer this in two contexts: You as the Wal-Mart CEO responsible for employees and enforcement of the labor laws and policies of the organization, and you as Mr. Casias’ attorney.
1. Must be completed in APA format.
2. Must be at least 3 double spaced pages
3. Must be completed in a .doc, .or docx

1.  Pozgar, G. (2007). Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration, Tenth Edition.
Chapter 19: Labor Relations (pgs. 403-421)
Chapter 20: Employment Discipline and Discharge (pgs. 423-435)

2. Casias v. Wal-Mart –

3. ACLU sues Walmart over worker’s firing –

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