Case study on destinations

Case study on destinations

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Write a Case study on a European destination of your choice for Section1 and any other destination in the world for Section2 (2000 words).
You should include the following information:
Section 1 🙁 European destination, preferably a country or region rather than a place) 1000 words
1.1 A brief presentation of the destination.
1.2 A Mind-map of the Travel and Tourism structure of the destination:

(Make sure you illustrate the inter-relationships between key travel and tourism providers such as: Transport Companies, Accommodation providers, Tourist Attractions, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and the public sector).

1.3 The implication of the government at a local and national level
1.4 The influence of International agencies and the European Union

Section 2: (Any appropriate country worldwide for the first question) 1000 words
2.1 Choose a country that has undergone political changes and explain the implications on the travel and tourism sector.

2.2 Describe the effects of supply and demand on the travel and tourism industry in the UK since the 2012 Olympic Games.

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