Case study Marketing

Case study Marketing
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3000 Words

(You must be within the designated word counts by +/-10%)

Read the following case study:

Kotler, P., Armstrong, G. 2016. “Xerox: Adapting to the Turbulent Marketing Environment” in Kotler, P. and G. Armstrong, Principles of Marketing. Pearson, pp. 118-121.

Xerox has dominated the photocopier industry for several decades. The changing marketing environment has, however, forced the company to rethink its future. Critically evaluate the impact of the changing marketing environment on the company’s marketing mix strategies. You should then propose marketing strategies that the company can adopt to respond to these changes in a socially responsible manner.

You should base your essay on a country of your choice (100 Marks)

As a guide you should:

(a) Provide an analysis of the environment in which Xerox operates (in a chosen country) and critically evaluate the impact of the most significant environmental forces on elements of the marketing mix (70 marks)

(b) Provide recommendations on future marketing strategies whilst considering the implication on the environment, various stakeholders and society as a whole (30 marks)

You should draw upon relevant academic as well as practitioner sources to support your points (i,e. Broadsheet newspapers available on Nexis, reputable new agencies, documentaries via Box of Broadcasts etc).

Do not address the questions (if any) in the printed case study.

Please note that you should use the printed case study as a starting point in your analysis, as you are expected to undertake your own desk research to update your understanding of the current corporate context of the company in the case study.

You may find the following paper on the extended case study method of assessment useful in guiding your preparation:

Your work should be in a creative, critical and evaluative manner. Ensure that your arguments are clear and logical and where appropriate include academic sources, i.e. academic journal papers, which add weight to your points raised. Please show in your list of references an appropriate breadth and depth of references relevant to the topic.
Your work must be correctly referenced throughout in the Harvard format.

Your assignment should be word processed and produced in an appropriate academic style. The font should be 12, and be double spaced.

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