Case Study Management of outsourced transcription

Jamie was recently hired as the director of HIM operations within a 500-bed teaching facility. Jamie is a recent
graduate of an online HIM bachelor’s program and she successfully obtained her registered health information
administrator (RHIA) certification within the last month. The director of HIM operations is responsible for the
following functions within the HIM department as well as managing the 25 employees that perform these
Release of information (ROI)
Management of outsourced transcription
Patient education for the use and access to patient portals
The management issues present within the operations workgroup that Jamie will be managing are:
High employee turnover rate
Lack of standardized training programs for new employees
Distrust of previous management by employees
Turnaround times for ROI requests exceed the required benchmarks
Job descriptions for the employees are outdated

The director of HIM operations reports to the senior director of HIM. The senior director of HIM has a very
hands-off management style and allows her management team to function independently.
Jamie has four years of HIM work experience as an inpatient and outpatient coder for this same healthcare
The manager or leader plan will include goals that incorporate a variety of management and leadership
Benchmarking data will be collected upon Jamie’s hire and improvement must be shown within the goals for
each area of the operations workgroup (including transcription, ROI, and patient portals) after one year. If
improvements are not noted, Jamie’s role as director will be reassessed (note that creation of benchmarks is
not an objective of this manager or leader plan).
Create a one-year manager or leader plan for Jamie to utilize as she improves the deficiencies as noted within
her workgroup. The plan should include one improvement goals for each area that reports to her and should
incorporate improvements for the items that are noted as deficiencies for the operations workgroup. The
improvement goals should include support from a variety of management and leadership theories outlined
within the chapter. The goals should also include realistic time frames for completion.
Components of the plan should include the following:
One example of how a scientific management theory can be utilized to improve the management of ROI
turnaround times within this scenario.
One example of how a humanistic management theory can be utilized to improve employee relations within the
Identification of a leadership theory that Jamie should embrace in order to effectively lead her team.
Figure 1.10. Manager or leader plan template
Manager: [Last name, First name]
Management or Leader Goal: [Identify two management or leadership theories that Jamie will utilize to manage
the operations workgroup over the next year and explain how Jamie will utilize these theories to motivate her
team toward the improvement goals

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