case study – Human resource

case study – Human resource

– The task is to answer 4 questions in file (CS task questions) after reading the case study paper. ( look at the brief)

– the first file is the case study , the second file (CS task questions) is about the questions ( 4 questions) that you have to answer them after reading the case study. use the recommended readings in cs task file in your work.

– the third file is about my friend’s work that he submitted it last year + inside this file you will find tutor’s feedback (look at how my friends answers the questions + look at tutor’s feedback).

– the fourth file is about the key points that you have to cover them in your work.

– the last file is about the brief that provided by the tutor(its important to have look at it) .

– the word limited is 2500 including the references. no more no less


use harvard reference.

please use these references in your work.

1- Becker, G. and Huselid, M. (1998). High performance work systems and firm performance: A synthesis of research and managerial implication. Research in Personnel and Human Resource Management, 16, pp. 53-101.

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3- Boxall, P. and Purcell, J. (2008). Strategy and Human Resource Management, 2nd edition, Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan

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5- Pfeffer, J. (1998). Seven practices of successful organisations. Management Review, 40 (2), pp. 96-124.

6- Wright, P., Dunford, B. and Snell, S. (2001). Human resources and the resource based view of the firm, Journal of Management, 27, 701-721.

7- Callaghan, G. and Thompson, P. (2002) We recruit attitude: the selection and shaping of routine call centre labour. Journal of Management Studies, 39(2), pp.233-254.

8- Chapman, D. and Webster, J. (2003) The use of technologies in recruiting, screening, and selection of job candidates. International Journalof Selection and Assessment, 11(2/3), pp. 113-119

9- Huo, Y. P., Huag, H.J, and Napier, N.K.(2002) Divergence or convergence: A cross-national comparison of personnel selection practices. Human Resource Management Journal, 41(1), pp.31-44.

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