Case study Edward Marshall Boehm

Answer the following questions concerning case study Edward Marshall from the textbook. Answers should be
in context with and reference chapter 6 material only. Limit each answer to no more than 500 words. Grading will be made in context with text material. I will attach Chapter 6 material and case study. Please do not use any outside sources besides what I provide. Please cite where you found the answer in Chapter 6 The textbook being used is TEXTBOOK: Strategic Management: Text and Cases 8th AUTHORS: Gregory Dess; G.T.
Lumpkin; Alan Eisner; Gerry McNamara 1. What are the strategic challenges facing Edward Marshall Boehm?
business are they in, and what strategy should they choose?

  1. Is there a certain sequence of actions that would be best to take when
    developing a competitive strategy?
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