Case Study: Building an Athletic Brand at USC-B

Case Study: Building an Athletic Brand at USC-B
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In 2007, University of South Carolina – Beaufort (USC-B) launched intercollegiate athletics. Prior to their first competitive event, the university was in need of a mascot, logo, and color scheme that would be appropriate for the new athletic department, as well as for the two-campus institution that was located in beautiful South Carolina Sea Islands.
This case study (Nagel & McGee, 2012) provides details regarding USC-B’s mascot selection process. After reading the case study, respond to the following questions:
Why is the athletic department logo important? What value does it add to an athletic program? How does it impact potential marketing activities?
What would have been your top three choices for USC-B? Why?
What were the most important criteria USC-B utilized in its mascot decision? What other criteria might have been included?
How would you introduce the logo to the athletes, to the university, and to the community?
Why would USC-B’s senior executives invest so much time in an athletics branding decision? How would the new image and the extensive press it would receive in the sports pages affect the university’s visibility and reputation?
This 4-6 page paper should include evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.
Click here for information on course rubrics.
Nagel, M. & McGee, L. (2012). Building an athletic brand: The University of South Carolina – Beaufort crafts a new image. Champaign: Human Kinetics.

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