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Assignment 1—Motivation
Learners are motivational
A hypothetical (brief) case study
Jake is a Year (Grade) 7 student who has been showing less and less interest in his class
work since the beginning of this school year. In past years Jake has seemed engaged with his
schoolwork, often asking and answering question in class, and spending time on completing
projects for homework. This year he was late handing up his last project and his project was
poorly done.
Jake’s teacher has attempted to talk to him. Jake’s response was that he did not really care
about his schoolwork this year, that much of it was getting too hard for him anyway, and he
couldn’t see much point in putting in time for stuff that was boring and too difficult for him.
Your task
You are an educational consultant.
Consider Jake’s position in terms of the motivational theory that you have read. Provide:
1. an analysis of Jake’s possible motivational states, and
2. some practical advice for Jake’s teacher based upon your reading.
Give equal space to each of the two sections.
Please stay within the word limit in your assignment response.

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